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A welder and their equipment flashing whilst working on a Brompton T Line
T Line
T Line
Brand-new everything. Except the fold.

The all-new ultra-light titanium frame. Over 150 specially developed weight-saving components. Three years of obsessive material choices and rigorous testing. Everything brand-new except the fold. Andrew Ritchie, our founder, obsessed over that 40 years ago. Never bettered, just refined, it’s the original and still the best.

A folded Brompton T Line under purple mood lighting
A view of the Brompton T Line rear triangle from the non-drive side
T Line
T Line
Ultra-light. As strong as steel.

The entirely re-engineered T Line titanium frame weighs 37% less than our original all-steel equivalent and is just as strong.

At 7.45 kg in total, the T Line is comparable to a carbon road bike. Yet, it can be comfortably ridden by a 110kg rugby player. And withstand the punishing impact of the city.

T Line
T Line
Compact drivetrain, designed ground-up.
Nothing rides like it—the entirely new* drivetrain. Designed ground-up to sit inside the fold, to be light as possible and for optimal city performance. The carbon crankset gives greater power transfer. The 60-gram derailleur delivers smooth shifting in a small package. The new gear-ratio, tested from Amsterdam to San Francisco, perfected for city roads.

Close up of the Brompton T Line rear wheel drivetrain
A rear side view of a Brompton T Line on a slight incline
T Line
T Line
Pioneering Carbon Seat Post.
The first bike in the world with a steel-armoured carbon seat post. We know because we invented it.

Ordinary carbon seat posts are stiff, strong and lightweight, but they can't stand up to the daily use of a Brompton. So, we developed a new process to reinforce the limitations of carbon with 0.3mm steel armour.

The result: a superlight seat post that can take the abrasion of the fold, 110kg load and all-weather riding.
T Line
T Line
Every detail sweated
Faster to fold, easier to carry. We studied every interaction with the folded bike and improved it.

New: self-aligning hinges, always set-to-go. A spring-loaded handlebar catch that effortlessly clicks. Larger diameter rolling wheels go with the flow—an easy-grab carbon saddle with an integrated nose handle.

Nothing folds like this Brompton, not even other Bromptons.
A close up of the Brompton T Line mainframe and front frame hinge under purple mood lighting
A view from the front of the Brompton T Line handlebar and stem
T Line
T Line
A seriously fun ride
Brompton ride dynamics have always made owners smile, and now they're elevated in every way.

Carbon cranks and cast Ti bottom bracket shift your power for a faster ride. Naturally, shock-absorbing titanium smooths out the road. The one-piece carbon fork and wider carbon handlebars make it stiffer and even more responsive. This is a serious machine that's seriously fun to ride.

Ready to fly through the city?
T LineバイクのOne
Weight from 7.45 kg
The lightest Brompton ever made. Over 150 components designed ground-up. Masterfully built to deliver an ultra-light, agile and responsive ride. This is the benchmark for freedom in the city
1 Speed
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T LineバイクのUrban
Weight from 7.95 kg
A complete ultra-lightweight performance package built to fly around the city and beyond. Precision-engineered titanium. Ultra-strong and ultra-light. The all-new compact 4-speed gearing system optimised for city riding. Faster, smoother folding mechanisms. 110kg load carrying for you and your luggage.
4 Speed
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Parts & Accessories
Useful add-on features engineered to enhance your ride.
Brompton C Line MY24 Sand Dune
Looking for something else?
Go Electric?
Brompton C Line Electric Explore Flame Lacquer on a white background - unfolded
Electric C Line Explore
Weight from 15.53 kg
A steel mainframe?
Studio image of P Line Bolt Blue
P Line Urban
Weight from 9.99 kg
More colour options?
Studio image of C Line Yuzu Lime
C Line Explore
Weight from 12.11 kg


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